BioAI aims to enhance medical care by accelerating the discovery of new drugs and treatment possibilities by applying BioAI artificial intelligence model to predict pharmacological activities of drug candidates. With multi-drug therapy being a mainstay, we hope to benefit pharmaceutical companies, patients, and society at large with scalable and cost-effective solutions.

Artificial Intelligence Based
Drug-Drug Interaction
Prediction Solution

Combination drug therapy is widely used for many afflictions and at-risk populations such as the elderly. Interactions between drugs, however, can have a range of effects from positive synergism to reduction of treatment efficacy to even life-threatening adverse reactions. Our artificial intelligence approach for uncovering potential interactions between drugs will remove the R&D and budget barriers for small pharmaceutical companies, enable scalability for established big pharmaceutical corporations in mapping interactions in their drug data banks, and help patients by preventing reduced compliance to therapy and negative side effects.

Research & Development

Drug-Drug Interaction Predictor

Simulate your drug-drug interaction with our AI technology.

New Drug Combination Therapy

Check our synergistic drug combinations prediction and find new combination therapy.

New Combination Drug Development

Find out synergistic drug combinations and design new combination drug.

Side Effect Filtering System

Filter out adverse drug-drug interactions for safe medication practice.


BioAI Team

Woojung Jang
CEO Co-founder
Gayathri Nadarajan Ph.D
CTO Co-founder
Namgil Kim
Data Scientist
Chunkyun Park
Data Scientist
Hyenjeong Kim
Pharmaceutical Advisor
Sunil Yun M.D.
Medical Advisor

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